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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need service if my air conditioner seems to be operating fine?

Yes. Simply because there is cool air blowing from your house air ducts does not mean you’re getting all the cooling air-conditioned comfort you’re paying for. Preventative maintenance is also important. Call Mr. Chill to schedule your preventative maintenance service today.

Why is there ice on pipes going to the compressor unit outside & ice on the pipes going to AC coil attached to furnace or air handler inside?

You may have a dirty air filter or you are low on Freon. Turn the cooling off at the thermostat. Then, turn the fan mode at the thermostat to “on” and let it run for several hrs or till the ice is melted. Replace your filter if needed. Turn thermostat back to “cool” and monitor situation. If you are still experiencing problems, call Mr. Chill.

How often do you change air filter in air conditioner?

The air conditioner unit outside (condenser) does not have a filter in it. The only filter you change is the same filter that is inside in the furnace or air handler. It’s the same filter that you change in winter.

Can you run the air conditioner without a filter?

Not a good idea, this will cause the evaporator coil on the furnace/air handler to plug up, restricting air flow and causing ice on the air conditioning system.

What if my air conditioning filter is not getting dirty?

Air is probably being sucked back by gaps in ductwork. Look for tears in flex duct and gaps in sheet metal duct back to the furnace or the air handler. If it’s minimal use aluminum tape or duct sealer you can get at Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you are unsure of the damage, call Mr. Chill.

Is the air conditioning blower on but you are getting little airflow?

This is caused by a packed and dirty air filter, weak blower motor or dirty evaporator coil on the furnace or air handler. You should first replace the filter. Then check the under belly of the evaporator coil and make sure it’s clean. If the problem not solved, its most likely the blower motor. You should call Mr. Chill for an inspection.

What kinds of things can cause my air conditioner to operate inefficiently?

A dirty air filter, improper refrigerant charge and air flow are the biggest culprits. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to overwork. The same is true if the air flow across the inside coil is low, the coil may need to be cleaned.

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