Likely you are not in the heating and cooling industry. That means the topic of indoor air quality rarely if ever, floats around the dinner table. Especially after COVID-19, our indoor air conditions should be considered and taken care of. At Mr. Chill Heating & Air we have met the demand our homeowners across Tomball, Klein, Spring, The Woodlands, Rayford, & Cypress have required for viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and dirt removal. We offer affordable, effective Microbial ductwork services to keep our air smelling and feeling fresh.


Antimicrobial Air Ducts Designed to keep your Family Healthy and Happy with Quality Clean Air.

Here at Mr. Chill Heating and Air, Inc., we install Antimicrobial Ducts as we understand the importance of living and breathing quality indoor air. Standard non-microbial ducts can typically have Mildew, Fungi, Organic Growth, Bacteria, and Pet Dander.

Remember your heating and cooling system is running 24/7. That means hair, dirt, pet dander, and dust that is around your home are being sucked up into the ductwork and distributed day after day for the family to breathe in. It makes sense why colds, allergies, and asthma flare-ups happen so often during the winter season. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your ductwork can help you identify and eliminate microbial growth issues. If your home has experienced flooding, fire, smoke, or water damage, chances are microbial contaminants and other harmful pollutants are breeding in your ducts currently.

We Get Down to the Details

Mr. Chill Heating & Air offers microbial ductwork cleaning services for those who call 832-698-4273. Eliminate foul odors, unsafe air quality levels, allergic reactions, and damaged surfaces with this service. Our technicians identify, diagnose, and solve problems with indoor air quality across Tomball, Klein, Spring, The Woodlands, Rayford, & Cypress through rewarding solutions.

A Healthier Home means a Happier Home and less doctor visits and more time to enjoy the family and your home!

Ask Us about Duct Replacement and start enjoying clean fresh air today! Call or email us for a free quote!


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